Saturday, September 25, 2004

Friday Feast One Day Late

I forgot to do Friday's Feast yesterday, so here it is on Saturday!

Feast Eighteen

On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being highest), how attractive do you think you are?
Hmm...well, I don't know. I think I might be a 7...depending on what we are rating on here. I have been told I have pretty eyes and a nice smile...and I think I agree there. I know I could stand to lose a few pounds...and so I often beat myself up over that, but all in all...when the day is done, I think I am average, but also a catch. And...I must say, I hate this question.

What local restaurant would you recommend to a visitor to your town or city?
This would have been SO much easier when I lived in Bloomington...since there are so many amazing local restaurants there. I miss the local food scene since moving back to NY. But, if I had to recommend one place...I think I would recommend Steve's Place for breakfast. It's an awesome little diner that has some really fabulous food. I haven't been there in years...but I can't remember being there and not leaving with my tummy full of yummilicious food.

What's a lesson you had to learn the hard way?
I have learned a lot of lessons the hard way. Probably the biggest one is about friendships...and when you just have to cut your losses and let go. I have had more than one friendship where I can feel it starting to fall apart...and when that other person just makes it clear how much they don't value your friendship. I have learned the hard and painful way that beating myself up...and always wondering why I wasn't a good enough friend isn't going to help anyone, especially me. Those people, maybe it is better that they aren't in my life. I thought I learned that lesson the first time around...but the second time around, I learned that I didn't learn it as well as I should have.

Main Course
Name something in your life that you feel you can depend on 100%.
My dad. He's a rock and he will always, ALWAYS do whatever he can to help me when I need it. He's an amazing man.

If you could see the front page of a newspaper from September 24, 2104, what would you imagine the headline might be?
I would love to have the headline of the paper say something that showed that the world is a better place than it is now. Maybe something about the end of homelessness or everyone in the US getting health care, etc. Or maybe it will be about the new boy band which is rocking the nation! *winks*