Wednesday, September 29, 2004


So, I watched Last Comic Standing last night. I just love the show. One, because it is just too funny. Two, because it is a reality show about talent, not about trickery or drama.

Last night's episode was a roast of the host, Jay Mohr. It was a lot of jokes about Mohr's whole career being nothing more than Jerry Maguire. *yawn* But, the comics also took turns taking shots at one another...

And that is where I have a bone to pick with two of the comedians.....Ralphie and Tess. If almost all of your own routine is about how you are big and overweight...then don't cop an attitude when others make the same joke. Tess only seemed to have an attitude about it once, but Ralphie was complaining and scowling the whole show. Ralphie's whole act is a walking fat guy joke...and when others make the "big guy" jokes at his expense...he gets all attitudey. just bugged me what an attitude...mainly Ralphie had all night considering what his act contains. You didn't see Jay London having an attitude last season when the group made fun of him because of his looks and caveman like features...since Jay knows that is what he makes fun of as well.

I don't just seemed quite hypocritical to me.

P.S. I hope everyone voted for Todd Glass. I love the guy...and think he is hilarious.