Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Update: Family, Food and Fitness

So, this past week was Thanksgiving and all. I had a nice holiday. My dad, brother and I went to spend the holiday with my cousin, her family, my aunt and uncle in Massachusetts. I hadn't seen that side of the family in a couple years, so it was nice to catch up...and just spend time chit chatting with them. Plus, my cousin's husband is a tremendous, it was a great meal. I could have eaten for days and still had yummy food to eat.

I made a couscous dish to share. I knew they had plenty of food and said we didn't need to bring anything, but I thought I should bring something. Plus, being a vegetarian and all...I always feel somewhat like a pain in the arse when going to big meals, bringing a dish makes it seem less so. The dish was couscous, sweet potato chunks, scallions, thyme and dried cranberries. I thought it was a pretty good dish...and healthy too.

And I haven't written or talked about fitness and health all that much on the blog lately. I gained a smidge of weight during the end of the summer, so I knew it was time to take it off. I was kind of stressed out and figured that chips and ice cream were a great solution. My pants were getting a little tight and all. 10 lbs or so...needed to be removed from my arse. I hadn't been good about going to the gym...and was just eating whatever I wanted to. Not the best plan, eh? So...for a few weeks...I've been watching what is going in my mouth and I have been going to the gym a few times per week.

So good. This week...where most people gorge themselves with Thanksgiving food and gain weight, I stepped on the scale this Monday morning...and I am happy to report, I lost 3 lbs. I definitely kicked up the workouts...and enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner, but didn't go overboard and didn't bring ANY leftovers home.

AWESOMESAUCE. That is all.