Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I didn't disappear...I swear!

Hi all....

I haven't updated in a million bajillion years....literally. I didn't disappear. I wasn't abducted by aliens. I didn't check myself into drug rehab. lol
I've been a busy kid the last few weeks with packing, cleaning and working on being out of my apartment, etc.'s been nasty weather wise the last few days. As the weather guy says, it's a triple H day...HOT.....HUMID....and HAZY! It's been hot and humid since Saturday. On Saturday, I had a local 5K race. I considered skipping it because of the heat, but I am glad I was a good time. I finished in 35 minutes and then cheered on some of the other runners. It was a local race which sponsored an organization that works with young girls and fitness in the schools. It was pretty cool...even if it was so humid when running. I was sure happy to see those water breaks when I came across them.

On was hot as could be again. I went to church and then continued packing and moving a bunch of my stuff. It was too hot to do a lot...but I got myself moving along. And on Monday and was in the 90s and the humidity was off the charts. I didn't even think of biking over to work since it was basically an wait...a sauna when I got out of work.

Last night...I finished packing and moving. That's right...I'm officially out of my apartment and moved into my dad's. Things are all over the place and I am still trying to make everything seem like home again, but it's nice to have it done and over with. I still have a bunch of cleaning to do....and some repair work on the apartment. I hope to get most of that done on Friday since I have the day off. I've almost finished cleaning the kitchen...and next is the living room and bathroom. My roomie still has some stuff to move out...and once that is done, we can get the carpets cleaned and get it inspected and hopefully get most of our security deposit back.

It was nice and also strange to be sleeping back at my dad's house. I moved around my room, so it doesn't feel just like my bedroom when I was in high I think that helped. I woke this ready for work...said g'bye to my dad...and biked myself to work. It takes a little longer to bike to work from my house than it did from the apartment. It took me 30-35 minutes vs. the 15 minutes it took me from my apartment.'s just more exercise, eh?

I hope everyone else's week is going well....and that you survived the heat wave.'s warm, but not in the 90s and for the most part, the humidity is gone.