Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Still among the living...

Hey worries, I am ok. I spent some time away from blogging and the computer, just to see if I still felt like writing. I think I do...but I'm not sure. I just wasn't sure if I had anything really worth saying...and commenting on something that a million other people are commenting on...just didn't seem worthwhile. Plus, I think the year I spent doing paid blogs really changed the way I looked at it...and kind of soured me on it. (Trust me...I'm no longer doing that)

Thanks to everyone for their concern...I appreciate it. I have an email icon over there to the left, so feel free to fill my email box with concerns if I ever disappear again. (P.S. Heather...I owe you an email).

So, what have I been up to???

1. My dad got laid off...which sucked BIG time. I can't even describe how much it negatively effected just about everything. Luckily, he found a job a LOT quicker than we thought. So, good news there. He's back at work and adjusting.

2. I've been super duper busy at work...things are definitely picking up.

3. I've been watching a lot of baseball. The Red Sox are rocking (forget last night...I'm trying to). I wish I could get to one of the stadiums, but finances are tight.

4. I'm adjusting to living with my dad again. I like it, but I also feel like a little kid all the time. We get along though...and it's nice to have someone to chat with or just hang and do nothing. I never get to see my friends though...which sucks. I haven't seem my old roomie since we moved out...except for 20 minutes once. I've been busy...they have been busy. *pouts* But I miss hanging out with know...aren't my dad.

5. As for weight loss. I gained some weight back, but I've been maintaining for the last month. I'm above where I would like to be ideally, but I'm also really happy with the weight too. So, I'm not stressing too much about it.

I think that's about it for now....hugs to you all!

P.S. Who is Carol who left me a comment? Send me an email...leave me a note. Curious minds want to know!