Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shelley who????

Hello all those out there in the crazy world we call the internet. I have seriously adbandoned my blog...and it's now mad at me and no longer talking to me. lol

I think I've finally settled in to living at my dad's. I still have a ton of work to do in order to make the house seem more like home...and so much stuff to put away, throw away or find a place for. But, it's getting done...slowly, but surely.

Just to start things off....let's do a weight loss/maintenance update. So, take a wild guess....do you think I've lost weight, gained weight or stayed the same??? Umm....as much as I hate to admit it, I've gained a little bit of weight. When I was moving home and then a little after it...I got into the bad bad habit of eating crap food and a lot of it. I think I had an ice cream bowl from Stewart's everyday for almost 2 weeks. Ridiculous! So, yep...I gained some weight. I stepped on the scale and I gained 11 lbs in the last month. Not good...but well, at least I am putting the breaks on and changing it. In the past, I would just keep gaining until I was at my starting weight again. I am going to work hard in the next month to lose that weight...and then give this maintenance thing another shot. I really gotta work on that concept of moderation!!!

Oh...another update. When I moved out of my apartment, I had heard horrible rumors that the apartment complex was notorious for not giving you your deposit back. So, my roomie and I made sure everything was clean (I think I cleaned each room twice) and did some touch up painting and fixing of things. Well, on the last day in June...I did the inspection with the apartment people. I fully prepared to have to battle when them about my security. I took pics of the apartment (if I needed it for a small claims court case)...and prepared to fight for me money. Initially, my roomie was going to be at the inspection too...since she wanted to see the drama go down, but she was unable to make it. Well, I am happy to report....no drama. We got ALL of our security deposit back. I expected to lose a little here or there on things, but nope...none of it was taken. I told the woman the gossip I heard and she said she would love to show me pics of how people left their apartments when they lost their security. So...whoo hoo...I'm gettin' my money back!!

Hmmm....anything else to update??? Oh yeah....my dad is mean and won't give me $7000 so that I can bid on an auction to be able to meet and hang with Boston's Jonathan Papelbon who I like to call my baseball boyfriend. Oh yeah, you get to see a band play and meet Pap's wife too, but I am ignoring that part of it since he is my baseball boyfriend and all. Isn't my dad mean and unfair?? (P.S. If you wanna give me 7K...I'd be more than willing to take it!)LOL. I've been watching Sox games a lot lately...and came across the auction when I was reading about them online. Go Sox!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday....mine was pretty boring, but that's ok...that's a good thing!