Thursday, May 01, 2008

Moving Back Home

Happy May Day everyone!!!

Hey everyone out there on the internet...and by everyone, I mean the 4 people who might read here. LOL That's alright...I always say I write more for me than anything else.

I've made a decision...that when my lease expires in the end of June, I'm going to move back home with my dad. It's something I've been thinking about for a few weeks...maybe longer. I kept deciding one way and then another...and then changing my mind all over again. But, I finally bucked up and made a final decision.

The last year has been a tough one on me and my dad...we've had to adjust our daily lives in a way we had never hoped to with the loss of my mom. When she first passed away, I asked him if he wanted me to move home...and he said that I could, but that he didn't need me to. So, I resigned my lease and went on my way.

A little while ago, my dad mentioned that the offer for me to move home was still there. I think it was his way of asking me to move home...but without putting any pressure on. I started to mull it around in my head and weighing the pros and the cons. All in all...there are so many more pros than cons. One, I can save a lot of money....which I plan on putting in a savings account to buy a car/down payment for a house/get lasik eye surgery/ put towards my 401K, etc. I'll have a lot more money to be able to use for things...and put away. So, that is a huge advantage. It'll also give me a lot more time to spend with my dad...which is such a pro. We have been meaning to do a lot of projects around the house...and I was finding it hard to find the time, but with being home...that will be so much easier. I'll also be able to just hang with him a lot more...which I think will be good for both of us. My dad and I really get, it'll be nice for both of us. I also think the house has probably been pretty lonely for him this past year, so if me being home can brighten it up, that'll make me feel good.

There are some cons...or things I need to be careful of. One, the idea of being 30 and living at your parent's house just doesn't LOOK good. I look like one of those mooch kids who grows up, but never moves out. I know that isn't the situation...but to the outside, it's how it looks. I also need to make sure the transition doesn't lead to me gaining some weight back. I have a horrible pattern of gaining weight when change happens and particularly when I move. So, I am going to make sure that does not happen. I've worked way too hard to just throw it all away. My dad and I talked about turning my brother's room into an exercise room...which will be great. I think I'm also going to rejoin the I know I always have a place to workout. And another that I'll be really sad not to be living with my roommate anymore. She's one of my closest friends and I have really enjoyed living with her. Also, I know life is really stressful for her right I hate that I added more stress to her life with my decision. If I could have an ideal world...and have both at the same time, I would.

My lease isn't up until the end of June...and now I am going to spend the next month and a half slowly moving myself back into my dad's. I wanna be "moved out" by mid June since our apartment complex is notorious for not giving much of a deposit I want to make sure we get every nickle we can, etc. I figure if I bring some stuff every time I go to my dad' won't be such an ordeal.

Happy Thursday all....

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