Friday, September 28, 2007

losing weight...gaining weight...

We all know that I have been losing and gaining weight...basically my whole life. I have done I don't know how many things to lose weight. I have ordered all those quick fixes off the internet. I actually ordered this thing once that you were supposed to breathe into it before you eat and it changes the smell of your food and therefore takes your cravings away. I actually bought this thing thinking that would be the answer and would make me thin...finally. lol

I have bought workout tapes...and oodles of them. Now, I don't really regret that. Of course, at the time...I bought them and didn't use them. They sat there and collected dust as my butt grew bigger. I use them now though. I use one series of those tapes all the time. So, even though they didn't work then, I am glad I bought them so I can use them now.

I also bought the supplements and the pills. I have bought the stimulants based ones. I have bought the Anna Nicole Smith one...eek! I have bought hydroxycut type medications, etc.

I have also bought those meal supplements too. I have tried Nurtisystem for a while...and ate their foods for a couple months. I have drank tons of those SlimFast shakes.

So...basically I have tried everything and I will be honest with ya. You know what I think works, *drum rolls* Diet and exercise. Eating less...moving more. I think supplements can help, but they aren't a magic fix. I have gained weight when I forgot the rules and lost weight when I paid attention again. And lately I have gotten back on the weight loss/healthy bandwagon....and lost 5 lbs so far.

I have been thinking a lot about health and weight loss lately...and all the different things I have tried. It's almost funny if it wasn't somewhat depressing.

If you've ever lost weight out there...and who hasn' what ways have you tried?? How successful was it?

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