Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vote for Pedro!

If you ever want to run for office of any kind...from little stuff to president, you need to have a marketing campaign. You have to have people knocking on doors and saying, "Vote for Shelley...she's our man!", you have to have people calling and telling the community your issue, you have to have buttons and pins, you have to have campaign signs, etc.

I know it takes millions upon millions to run for President, but I didn't realize how much was also needed in local politics. Last year, one of our local judges was running for re-election and the campaign signs became crucial to the race. I can remember one person saying that she was going to vote for whoever she saw the most signs for...because that would be her informal poll about which candidate was supported more in the community. Oh...and more than a few people throughout the election got arrested for destroying posters. It was like guerrilla warfare...with campaign posters.

Wanna know what the first campaign poster I made was? It was in 7th grade...and it said:


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