Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What do you believe in more? The tooth fairy or global warming.

Do you believe that global warming and the climate change epidemic exist??

It's amazing to me that people still think global warming doesn't exist. Not only are there hundreds upon hundreds of scientists who are studying the effects of global warming....and there is Al Gore and the movie, etc....Leo's new movie about the environmental problems we are facing. I was just watching the news this morning and they were talking about the hurricane season and how we are on course to have a record number of category 5 hurricanes. Why? Because of global warming...the water is warmer now than it used to be, so that makes the storms more intense, etc.

But yeah, some people...like the secretary at my job is pretty sure it doesn't exist and global warming is just a left wing swindle to steal votes. And on any day when it is unseasonable cold, she will come in and without a beat say, "Hmmpf...this must be global warming" while snickering and rolling her eyes.

Global warming exists people. I swear. I am not making it up just so democrats can get into office and ruin the country. The Climate Change Channel has some videos up about global warming and I happen to think they are interesting. I think one well done/interesting video, in the youtube generation that will live in....can bring about more awareness than a million articles being written in every single paper across the country. The one that caught my eye was the one where regular people...like you and me...asked the oil company what they were doing about global warming, the oil problem, etc. BP finished the video with some statistics about things they are doing in hopes of combating global warming.

Of course, the people were asking much nicer questions than I would ask the oil companies, but it's a start. I would be asking the oil companies how they could have made record profits in the last year while we are paying record prices? Why aren't their pocketbooks suffering like mine is?

I think these videos are interesting...of course, I can go without saying that this website is made and sponsored by BP, so I am not sure if the agenda can be said to be 100% environmental awareness. But in the end, I like an oil company putting that information out there instead of hiding with their head in the sand (or mountains of money...more likely).

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