Sunday, September 23, 2007

good time had by all...

I had a good good time at the Kevin Smith Q&A...the drive there and especially back was a little long, but well worth it. The show started at 7pm, but the doors opened at 6pm. We left at about 1:30pm...I had to stop by work and buy gas, but after that...we were on our way. It took just about 4 hours to get there and got in, found the parking garage and headed to the hall just in time for them to open the doors.

Our seats were really good...we were on the left side of the stage and right up front. We were basically at eye level with the stage and when Kev came out, we were only about 20 feet away from him. I am usually super unlucky when it comes to seat location, so I was pretty happy to say the least.

The show started just a couple minutes late...and Kevin said that since he kept us waiting he would entertain us with one of his friends...and then walks out, Jay Mewes. I was so excited...since I adore Mewes as well.

Kevin started talking, answering questions...and the show was hilarious. I got to hear some stuff I have never heard before. He also told his version of the Aristocrats joke after initially saying he didn't want to...and I think that was the highlight of my evening. My roommate tried to catch the joke on her cell phone, but we aren't sure it is actually audible. We'll see. He also told some stories about making movies, casting decisions (some interesting comments about Jeremy London from Mallrats), and their personal lives.

Of was all full of swearing and sex stories...who would expect anything else. And we also got to hear a little bit of the drama between Jay...his new girlfriend...and Kevin's wife.

Oooh...and Jay did the most adorable thing. He could never find the fold in the curtain to get back stage, so he would just sit there and rustle with it over and over again...hoping to find it. At one point, he just got on the floor and rolled under it. I think he couldn't find it honestly the first or second time, but after that...he did it for the laughs. They also talked a good deal about Jay's drug history and how it effected his life...the movies. It was definitely an interesting conversation.

I know you are wondering...No, I didn't ask a question. There were tons of people in line and in all honesty, hearing other people getting their questions answered was probably more entertaining than asking my own. I don't know the last time I laughed that hard....seriously.

He went on for about 5 hours...started at 7pm...we left very close to midnight. He would have kept going to, but the venue cut him off. It was definitely worth it....even if it meant the drive home getting us in at 4:30am. My roomie drove since I drove there, but I didn't fall I was a tired kid when I got home.

If you ever get the chance to go to a K-Smith Q& should. It was definitely worth it.

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