Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm going to see K-Smith tomorrow!

Did I mention I am going to Ithaca tomorrow??? Yes, I am. I am heading to Cornell to see Kevin Smith AKA Silent Bob doing a Q&A. I am so excited. I have been looking forward to this since the moment I ordered the tickets. I have watched both of Kevin's DVD Q&As and they are just too funny. I love his movies, but what I love even more is his ability to tell a story. He has a knack for it. You ask him a question...and he tells you the best 20 minute story that ends up answering it. It just makes me happy. I could come home and be cranky...and if I pop those DVDs in, I would instantly be happy.

Here's an example..of Kevin telling the story of protesting his own movie, Dogma.

Ok...back to the boring description of my life. So, I am preparing for my trip to see Kevin tomorrow. I went out to take out the garbage and clean out my car. I need to get some stuff out of the backseat and clean some crap out of the trunk. While I am working away, this big ass truck with the biggest truck rack ever drives by. I swear this truck was bigger than my whole apartment. It was just crazy. Hey, instead of buying a house, I should just buy a huge, huge truck. lol So, I came back inside and kept getting ready. I did some dishes...thought about doing some laundry or maybe put my laundry away, but I am too lazy. And then, I plop down in front of the tv and watch some utter crap. whoo hoo...exciting night for me, eh?

P.S. DOn't forget...tomorrow...roomie and I are going to see Smitty!! I am so excited.

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