Saturday, September 15, 2007

if only politics were this easy....

I was watching Good Morning America last week before heading to per usual. They were interviewing Fred Thompson because he has just decided to actually declare that he is running for President. Well, it's about time...not because I will vote for him, but because I am sick of him declaring that sometime in the near future he will declare that he is running for President. *rolls eyes*

Now, what would I like to see as the result of the 2008 Presidential election?

Does this give you a clue?

Go Hillary...and if not Hillary, Go Obama!

Isn't that cool. It's a morphed pic. I made it using Morpheus Photo-Morpher. It's a program where you put two pictures into the software and if it is edited correctly, it makes one image change to the other. WORD OF WARNING: If you download the software, there are 2 other software applications that attempt to download with it. One is a toolbar and I don't remember what the other one is. In the download gives you an option to not download those programs, so if you don't want them...make sure to click no.

Morphed pics reminds me of the Michael Jackson video "Black or White." Just forget that MJ and Macaulay Culkin were in that video and that Mac was a little boy for a bit, mkay? I loved watching the people morph into one another in that video. I would watch it over and over again...seeing if I could see new and different things every time.

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