Friday, June 01, 2007

what the....

You know, sometimes I think people think it is just too much of a bother to be nice, to be cordial, etc.

I get to work about 15 minutes early each morning...and before clocking in, I walk around the building once or twice. It's good to start the day with a smidge of exercise and if I clock in too early, I will get the dreaded red box on my timesheet! dum, dum, dum....

So, there are often people working or standing outside smoking cigarettes when I am walking around. I usually always walk by and say "hello" or "good morning" to them as I pass. Most people will say hi back or ask how I am doing, etc... There are a couple of people that just REFUSE to answer. Every single day I walk by and say, "Good Morning" and every single day they sit there like no one said anything to them.

It's just rude...and well, unnecessary. *grumbles* But, I won't let their rudeness get to every single morning I will say "g'mornin" to them...if they don't respond, it their problem...I still wish them a good morning!

P.S. I am doing Relay for Life wish me luck!

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