Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weigh-In and $$$$ Update...

I forgot to update with my weigh-in for the week...probably because I gained. It's so interesting...I never "forget" to weigh-in when I have lost, but it always seems to slip my mind when I gain.

I gained one pound this week...which isn't the end of the world. I did go on a monster food binge this weekend. I made tacos and ate it all...til my stomach actually hurt. I love tacos...and have learned I have difficulty with portion control because of said love for the tacos. I also ate ice cream...and basically anything that was in front of me. Let's put it this way...I officially at M&Ms for breakfast on Sunday.

But...it's all a learning experience. And Monday was a lot better...I did some grocery shopping to have some healthy options in the house. I bought food that I like and that is also good for me. Plus, I am going to go back to writing everything that graces my lips down...it helps.

I am also kind of stuck in terms of workouts...I plan on starting Power 90 and I am actually quite excited about it. I really loved that program the two times I have done it before. But, I don't know when I am going to be able to start it. I basically am waiting until my roommate starts actually working nights...instead of training during the day, which she is doing right now (and who knows how long it will be until it is actually night shifts because she has been out of work for quite a while with stuff with her step dad...completely understandable). So...I am excited to get started...I just don't know when I can get started. I am still doing a lot of walking, but I am looking forward to working out with more intensity.

And an update about the finances...I wrote a TT last week about a bunch of ways I am going to save more money. I have started putting a lot of those things into effect.

#1: On Friday, I went in and cancelled my YMCA membership. It broke my heart a little bit to do it, but since I wasn't using it...why should it? I just like the idea of it being there. I need to give them 30 days notice...so they will still charge me one more time, but not again after that. $37/month officially saved.

#2: I logged on and made the change to my Blockbuster membership...from 3 out at a time to 2. It's a smart move since last week, I was running out of movies at the store that I wanted to exchange them in for. I know a couple of people suggested that I cancel my account and use the library. It's a great suggestion, but just not for me...and in this area. I did that when I lived in Bloomington and it worked perfectly. Their selection mimicked what the video stores had and it was such a simple process. Not so much here...they have a small, small section of DVDs and it takes forever to get a new release. So, I am going to stick with the Blockbuster membership...just a smaller one.

#3: I am in the process of cancelling the Netflix account. I have the two movies per month account...and I wanted to make sure I got the two movies I paid for before cancelling. I am being sent the second one right now...and once I have it in my hot little hand, I will cancel the account. It will give me ten days to watch the movie and get it back to them and still have it cancelled. I figured it is best to get my monies worth and then cancel...since I am the Queen of Thrift!

#4&5: Haven't charged anything on my credit card since getting paid...but groceries and gas. I have to pay this month's bill...and then see how much smaller next one's will be. I also got out my $20 spending money this month...and so far, I have been very good with it. I bought a sandwich for dinner...and paid for it out of my cash in my wallet. I also considered getting Taco Bell for dinner one night and thought of the money in my wallet and that it has to last until next Thursday...changed my mind...and made something at home.

#7: I switched my insurance...and saved a chunck of change. My policy is about $80 cheaper for 6 months. And...when I cancelled at my current insurance company...they are sending me back $43.00 that I have overpaid them. Whoo hoo! I also saved myself $4 per month because instead of paying monthly installments where they bill you a $4 service charge...I paid it in a one time installment. That saves me an additional $24 per 6 month quote. All in all...pretty sweet deal.

#9: I checked my AAA gas card...and the online statement said that I saved $4.88 on gas this last month. It's not a lot, but it's better to save a little than to not save anything.

#10: I haven't gotten my bike on the road as of yet...it's on the schedule for next weekend. I want to get it going, so I can start riding it to work.

#12: I have brought my lunch everyday...for over 2 weeks. I was tempted to order out with a co-worker yesterday, but alas...I did not. Go me!

I still have some stuff to get done...but all in all...I am moving pretty well on all the goals I set for myself.

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