Sunday, June 03, 2007

Relay for Life Recap

Hey everybody....I finished the Relay for Life on Friday night to Saturday morning. It's a 12 hour event where you raise money for the American Cancer Society and also walk for parts or all of those 12 hours. This is the first time I have participated in Relay for Life...and it was a good time.

The team that I was on...which consisted of my roomie, another good friend, her mom and myself...we actually stayed there for the whole time...and WALKED the whole time. It was exhasuting, but also a lot of fun. I wore my pedometer and turned it over at I could get the steps for Friday night and the steps for Saturday morning. I am so glad I wore it because I never would have guessed I walked as much as I did....even though my feet ached by 7am when it was closing ceremonies time. When the steps were all added up, I ended up with just about 62,000 steps...that's right...62,000 steps. That's somewhere between 30 and 35 miles of walking. We basically walked all night...with the exception of a break or two here or there just to rest the bones, but I never rested for long because I knew if I did that I wouldn't get up out of my chair. My poor roomie is really hurting...feet blistering and her ankle is all swollen. I hope she takes it VERY easy for the next few days. I was pretty lucky feet hurt yesterday, but they weren't blistered and once I got to sleep and rested my poor pups for about 8 hours, they actually feel pretty good.

Thanks to everyone for the support and kind helped me through the walking at 4am, even when my legs were fighting me! And the Relay for Life people said that donations can still be made until the end of the month, so I will make another plea for anyone who wants to donate to the cause. With all that walking, how can you not want to throw a chunk of change at it??? So, click here and donate away....all the cool kids are doing it.

And for those that already donated....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!

It was fun...I will definitely do it again. And you know, I said last night that I probably wouldn't walk all night again, but you know what...I recovered pretty easily, so I think I would stay all night again. It was a great experience and one night of aches and pains is well worth the cause. Relay for Life said they have hopes of their being a cure by 2015 and lord, I hope they are right.

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