Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #25

Thirteen Things Shelley Needs to Do Before Going on VACATION!

1. Find the warm weather clothes. All I have been doing is weating sweaters and turtlenecks lately.
2. Do a bunch of laundry.
3. Pay all of the upcoming bills while I will be away.
4. Go to the mall and buy some new, summery clothes. I need some shirts and maybe a new pair of lightweight jeans. I could also use a nice new pair of sandles too.
5. Borrow my roommates portable DVD player, so I can watch some movies when my parents are driving me bonkers.
6. Go grocery shopping to get some snack food for the trip.
7. Go into the Tivo and delete a bunch of stuff I had set to record...since it will get deleted anyways before I get home.
8. Watch about 5 movies, so I can return them to Blockbuster before I go to sunny Florida.
9. Buy a nice easter basket for my nephew.
10. Find my digital camera...since I haven't used it in a bajillion years.
11. Do a quick clean of the apartment. I hate coming home from a long trip to a messy place.
12. Close out all my work files before I leave...and leave my office so that my secretary can actually find something if she needs to.
13. Get a walkman/mp3 player so I can listen to music on the trip...and at night while my parents are snoring away!

Think good thoughts for me...on the trip down and back. And I can't wait to get there and see my cute as a button nephew...oh yeah, my brother and his wife too!

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