Thursday, March 29, 2007

getting paid and getting ready...

I got paid this morning...PAID!!! Why am I so excited? Well..twice a year, I get paid three times in the month and this month is one of those extra special months. When those months happen, I always feel like I won an extra special paycheck lottery. Now...I shouldn't get too excited...because I immediately transferred the money to my student loans...because since I wasn't expecting the money, I didn't want to chance spending it on stuff I don't need...especially since I am going on vacation in 2 days!!!

Speaking of vacation...I am so NOT prepared. We are leaving early morning on Sunday...and I have shopping to do...laundry to do...packing to do...and all that jazz. I think I am in denial about my vacation...mainly because it involves spending two days in a car with my parents...there and back. But well, I am cheap...and that is a much less expensive option!!

P.S. I just looked on and it says it is going to be in the mid to high 80s! Whoo hoo!

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