Friday, October 01, 2004

Presidential Debate Recap....

I had posted some comments over at Barry's site about my thoughts about the debate, so I thought I should get to my own goes!

So, the first Presidential Debate was last night...where Bush and Kerry were talking about homeland security and global issues. Mainly, it was a 90 minute conversation on Iraq and terrorism.

Just in case someone didn't watch the debate and wanted to know what was said, you can read a transcript here.

Let's start by opening stating that I am a Kerry supporter. I feel he is the right person to be President of the United States. Bush, his policies and his actions in the past 4 all honesty, terrify me.

But, I am going to attempt to be as unbiased as I can when talking about the debate last night. In all honesty, I didn't expect Kerry to do as well as he did. I may not be a Bush supporter, but usually he is charming in front of a crowd. it has been reported, Kerry can sometimes be long winded and wordy. So, I thought that Kerry might bore people with long winded answers and details, while forgetting to make the point. I didn't think he did that. I also thought Kerry did well, but I was surprised at how well the media and polls immediately thought he did. I am hopeful that the debates might make a significant difference for Kerry in this election.

Ok, let's talk about Kerry, Iraq and his war record. It seems to be something that the RNC is harping all over and calling him inconsistent or a flip flopper about. Kerry voted to give the President "the authority" to go to war. That vote does not mean that Kerry supported going to war at that exact moment. Kerry knew...which he said last night, that to negotiate with Iraq...there needed to at least be the threat of force. He knew that the vote was a clear piece of the negotation strategy. Kerry has said that he does not feel that the war in Iraq was justified...because it was not a last resort. He does not feel that it was an international effort, which it needed to be. He does not feel that all diplomatic efforts had been done. It was NEVER Kerry flip flopping...even though, I fear that is something that the media is never going to let go of.

Wrong war, wrong time, wrong place! I heard a lot of talk about this phrase last night...mainly Bush saying that Kerry is unable to lead this country and be successful in the war in Iraq because he has said that Iraq was the "wrong war, wrong time, wrong place." Bush has also said that it is a slap in the face to all the soldiers out there fighting this war. Well, for someone who also believes that this was the wrong war, wrong time and wrong place....I have to disagree with Bush's assessment. I think that it would be seen as a sign of strength and honesty that Kerry can say that the initial fight was the wrong move...and that now we must come together and win the peace for all those involved. I think it would be easier to bring other allies to the table, if you are able to admit the areas of weakness and the mistakes that you made. I also think that those former allies which we have lost because of this war...would be more willing to have a conversation about how peace and freedom in Iraq would be beneficial to them...if the US was willing to admit the mistakes which were made in invading Iraq.

Secondly, it is not a slap in the face to the soldiers fighting over there in Iraq...not in my opinion. Kerry has said clearly that he supporting the soldier, even if he does not support the war. He said it again last night...he learned that lesson clearly in Vietnam. He doesn't want this war to turn into another Vietnam...and to do that, we need to admit our mistakes and move forward to correcting them and finding the peace in Iraq and the world.

Osama Bin Laden doesn't get to decide. This was something Bush said in response to Kerry mentioning Osama is using the war in Iraq as an excuse and selling point to spread terrorism and hatred in the world. I just had to shake my head. It's politics at its best. What Kerry meant...and we know that the actions in Iraq haven't helped fight terror, but instead they have given it a reason to grow. The terror groups are using the invasion or Iraq as evidence of the tyranny of the United States. Is it right, of course not? But it is true. There was one report that said for every terrorist that is brought to justice...a dozen are being sprouted in their place and that statistic got worse when we went into Iraq. Of course, Bin Laden doesn't get to decide our policies, but we should consider if our actions are going to lead to more hatred and terrorism in the world. Kerry know this...and Bush knows it too.

Ok, so I wasn't as bipartisan...I know. I tried, but in re-reading the transcript, I just can't find an argument of Bush's that I support. I feel scared for this country and the world with Bush as its leader. I am looking forward to the following debates, especially the one on domestic issues.

If there is anyone out there who reads my blog who is voting for Bush...can you do me a favor and tell me why you are voting for him? I am serious. I deeply want to understand the issues that his supporters cling to. I see Kerry as the clear option, but I would really like to hear from those who see Bush as the clear option.

ta ta for now...