Friday, January 30, 2009

Phew...he signed!

The internets have been all a-buzz about "will he" or "won't he" about if Jason Varitek with re-sign with the team or not. Last year, Tek made $10 million dollars...and declined arbitration and entered free agency.

He hoped to be making the same or more money...and wanted a 4 year deal. Issues with that?, he had the worst offensive season of his career. Two, he is 37 and not getting any younger. Three, his agent is officially the devil and played games with the Sox in terms of Mark Teixiera. Four, when declining arbitration is made any other team have to give up a first round draft pick to take him. Five, he has said openly he wants to return and retire with the Sox.

So..after a bad ecomony and some bad advice from his agent...the devil...Tek was not offered a bunch of money over the next 4 years. Tek was offered 5 million dollars for 2009 (which in this day and age...umm...nothing to sneeze at)...and an option for 2010 for 5 million dollars. Tek and his agent...once again...the devil...were given until today to decide. They hemmed and hawed...and even made statements about considering retirement instead of playing.

But when it came down to it...our captain of the team did what he knew and hoped he would do. He signed the contract. I know many fans got soured on the process, but I am not one of them. I am so happy and relieved that Tek is going to be with Boston for at least the next year, if not the year after. The pitchers love him...all the players do.

So...welcome back Captain...can't wait to see him behind the plate on opening day.

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