Saturday, January 17, 2009

Get some FREE rice cakes...

Since it is January...and people are all about being healthy and working out and losing weight, I thought I would pass on this link to Quaker Rice Cakes.

I can remember when rice cakes were so disgusting...when they tasted like cardboard covered in saw dust. In the past few years, I have come to LOVE rice cakes. They are yummilicious. To me, they no longer taste like "health" foods....which you eat because they are good for you, but taste horrible.

So, click the link and try them out. You can get the chocolate or the cheese ones. I've had the chocolate ones before...and they are yummy. I am trying the cheese ones. I've also had the caramel drizzle ones before...which sadly, they aren't offering for free. But if you are at the store...try them out. They taste SO good. They taste like candy...seriously. Mmmm!

That's right...rice cakes taste like candy. I said it. I stand by it.