Monday, November 03, 2008

Weekend Update with Shelley....

Hey the lovely internet world. I've survived Halloween and not eaten my body weight in candy. I've survived daylight savings time and am adjusting to the new time and that extra hour of sleep (which always messes me up more than it helps me).

I worked on Saturday...taught a class in the morning. So, my Saturday didn't really feel like Saturday. Kind of like Friday, take two. When I woke up on my mind, I thought it was Saturday. I knew it was Daylight Savings Time day...and that should have reminded me it was Sunday. I changed all my clocks and just lounged around in bed. Since I thought it was Saturday, I completed spaced and missed church...even though I was awake and planned on going. Oops...

And since I wasn't being a good ol' Christian girl by going to church, I decided to jump right down into the "going to hell" territory and went with 2 friends to see Kevin Smith's new movie, 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno.'

So, what did I think? Well...let's start the conversation with what a HUGE fan I am of Kevin Smith. I just think he's the bees knees. His movies are so crass, but also off the charts funny. Plus, the guy just in one of the funniest people on the planet. He can tell a story like no other. If I am in a bad mood, I will often put one of the 'Evening with Kevin Smith' DVDs in...and just laugh all my negative vibes away.

So...yeah...I liked the movie. It is like a funny mix of all things K-Smith and all things Judd Apatow. Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks are adorable...and once again, Seth gets to play the party of the pudgy guy who gets the hot chick. Ahh, he gives all comic book nerds hope. It's a quirky movie about these two slacker/losers...who can't pay their bills or make rent, so they decide to make a low budget porno to get some much needed cash. It has all the bathroom humor and the F bombs galore that I expect from a Kevin Smith movie. I think people who decide to hate this movie...probably aren't prepared when they are walking into the movie theatre. There is one moment gross beyond description...but the just usual Kevin Smith antics...with a lot of wit and humor surrounding it.

The one thing that surprised that Kevin Smith was able to convince the ratings board to give him an R rating. They initially gave him an NC-17 rating, but he won them over upon appeal. I am honestly...shocked. One, it shows some filming of the "porn" scenes in more detail than I thought they could get away with...and it also shows some frontal male nudity. can show all the lady parts you want in a movie and still get an R rating, but once a guy drops his ends up getting rated NC-17. And...having the word porno in the title...I am just surprised it didn't get a harsher criticism, especially since we have learned that the ratings board can do whatever they want since they have no one to answer to and no defined standards. Ok...soapbox over.

All in's a bathroom humor movie about a group of slackers trying to make a porno. And, in the end...I walked about thinking it was a pretty fun show. Don't bring your kids to it...but anyone with a sense of humor can't deny that there aren't a lot of chuckles throughout this thing.