Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy NO MORE GWB Day!!!

Happy Election day all y'all....I hope people get out there and vote, no matter who you vote for. Yes, I would prefer it if you voted for Obama, but I strongly believe that our country is at its best when the most people participate in the process. I believe that the only way we can take back the power that is inherent in a democracy from the clutches of lobbyist and money based politics...is to get out and vote in droves. I believe that my foremothers fought for my right to vote for 72 years, so I vote because it is important and because it matters....but also in homage to those brave women who championed for my right to do so.

I am voting after work...and then hoping to watch the election coverage tonight on TV. It's no shock that I am hoping for an Obama win. I am hoping the polls are right. And...I am hoping that the race isn't even close, so we aren't up into the wee hours of the morning with a race that is just "too close to call." I think I still have a slight case of PTSD after sitting up all night in 2000....just waiting for the race to actually be won by someone...and being so dumbfounded in the morning that the race was still going.

And for those undecided voters? Let me tell you how much I don't get you. This election has been going on for TWO YEARS. How can you still be undecided? Seriously, I would like to know. What magical piece of information are you waiting to here?? I was originally in the Hillary camp...and was saddened when I saw her presidential dreams go up in smoke, but it took me about 2.2 seconds....to know who I voting for in November. And with the differences between Obama and McCain...and the differences between Palin and Biden.....I just don't get how someone could still be on the fence. Oh you undecided voter....I think you are just attention deprived and want people to covet you and your special vote. I think in the next election...I am gonna pretend to be undecided...and just watch people ooh and ahh over my inability to make a decision.

Vote early...and vote often!!! lol