Sunday, September 16, 2007


I went shopping this weekend...just to pick up some random things. I went to Devil-Mart, Target, etc. In each store, I was blown away by the amount of holiday related crap that were in the front of the store.

Halloween costumes and rows and rows of candy. Okay, I accept this...even though Halloween is OVER a month away. And then, I turn the corner and I see rows of Christmas stuff. Yes, that is right...Christmas decorations and candy and Santa covered crap. It's just ridiculous. It's September, I fully expect a whole row dedicated to graduation announcements, but then again...only if they can sell costumes and candy to go along with it.

I am amazed at how every single holiday is turned into how much you can buy...and what crap people can sell you. *grumbles*

Remember, once upon a time...when Christmas was all about loving that Baby Jesus!

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