Thursday, August 09, 2007

What the thoof???

So, there is a new website out there called Thoof. It's a site where normal, average people can submit articles and then you can either click on it, which means you think it is cool or interesting...or not click on it and let the article die a lonely and depressing death. And, if you submit something to Thoof, you can put a Thoof PageRank on your article and it will tell you how you are doing in comparison to other people's articles on the site. It's kind of like a popularity contest on the net.

Now...why would a website name itself Thoof? It's left me wondering and here what my mind comes up with. I think that some crazy internet designers and hackers got together and wanted to make a site where people could submit their own stories, etc. They were so sick and tired of the media elite deciding what news is and is not important. They were sick of watching the news each night and not seeing anything that mattered to them. And, as time went on, they found that the internet was spoon feeding them just like the nightly news. These internet boys had enough and so, they decided a new location must be created...where people can come and share their news with the internet world. They decided they were going to call their website the "Truth" because it would be wear everyone could tell the honest to goodness truth. Only one problem...when they were registering for the website, they did it by phone (there was a great deal...almost made it free!). But, the guy giving the information had one hell of a he said, I want the site to be and all the woman heard on the other end of the phone was When they got the website registration in the mail...they saw it was not what they wanted, but it made them laugh their little internet heads off. So, they decided to keep it. And, it was their own inside joke. The truth is told at the internet on LOL

Too funny, but seriously...if you want to read real, personalized news on the's the place to do it!

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