Thursday, August 30, 2007

I need all the self-help I can get!

I have read a lot of self-help books in my time. I am always interested in reading someone else's advice on how to make changes in my life. I've read retirement books, financial books, weight loss books, self esteem books....the list goes on and on. There is a new book for women out. Well,'s not that new. It's been on the best seller's list for ever and it's now in its 5th printing. It's called "Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didn't Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now" by Vickie Milazzo. If you go to the website, you can read the first chapter for free. I think that is so cool. I have often thought a book would be super duper cool, but once I got it...I realized it just wasn't the right book for me.

I took a quick read and it had me intrigued. Part of the free chapter talks about the promises that we, as women, should make to ourselves in our lives and especially business. One that really struck home is #2: "I will go for it or reject it outright." That just makes so much sense to me. I know so many people that half do something. I know I have done it. Going at something halfway...seems to give me an out if it doesn't workout. I can tell's ok, I didn't really want it anyway. Well, that may be well and good, but it's the coward's way to do things. So...cheer, cheer to Vickie Milazzo. It's definitely something I should be applying in my life. Hey, if I least I know I gave it 100%.

So, check it out. I think I am going to see if my library has the book and if not, you could always buy it on amazon.

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