Saturday, August 25, 2007


The new people who live in my building are just weird. They moved in a couple of months ago. A couple lives over there...and maybe another guy, I'm not sure.

Here is an example of why they are just weird...watching them today. The couple came out at about 12:30pm. The girl brought some garbage over to the dumpster and then came back to the car. The guy took his shirt off, kept talking to her. Then, they both got into the car, she started it up and they put their seatbelts on. Are they getting ready to drive away and maybe do something fun with their Saturday? Nope, they sit there with their seatbelts on in their car and do nothing but talk for 30 minutes. Finally, after a half an hour...he gets out of the car and goes back up into the apartment. She stays in the car and then puts the car radio on...very loud. She listens to music for about 20 minutes...and then boyfriend comes back, still sans shirt, and he gets back into the car. She starts up the car, they sit there for another 10 minutes and then she drives away.

Huh? Is that bizarroland to anyone else???

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