Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #36

Thirteen Things That Make Shelley Happy!

I haven't done a TT in a bad! So, I came back with a vengeance and decided to post 13 things that are currently making me happy. :)

1. Obviously, I got my new laptop yesterday and that makes me all kinds of crazy happy. I kept powering it up, playing with it, deciding I was done...powering it down...only to decide that I must continue playing with it and powering it back up again. It's awesome...and I love my new toy. Next objective, moving everything that I want from the old computer to the new computer. whoo hoo!
2. I got paid today. I love pay days...they bring me joy, but this one bring me extra joy. I got paid three times this month, so this paycheck seems like extra free money.
3. I used the extra paycheck to pay for the computer I just got. So, not only did I get a new, swanky computer, but I don't really feel like my pocketbook got squeezed doing it.
4. The radio right now is playing John Mayer "Waiting On The World To Change." I love this therefore, happy. It's interesting that when the radio plays a song I like, it makes me so much happier than if I just threw it into the CD player. It's almost like the radio station knew that I loved that song, etc.
5. I am going to Maine not this weekend, but next weekend. It'll be the beginning of my vacation. I am going with my dad and we are meeting up with one of my uncles and maybe one of my other uncles is coming as well. It should be a really good time.
6. Did I mention my new computer and the joy it brings me??? No? makes me happy.
7. I am happy that the week is almost over. I have been exhausted all week long. I have almost called in sick every day...just because I was so tired when I woke up. I am looking forward to the long weekend and lots of relaxing.
8. Oh yeah...I am happy that Monday is a holiday! I don't have any big plans, but I love holidays!
9. And because I usually get Mondays off from work, I get extra time off. I get Monday off everyone else, but I also get a half day on Wednesday too. So, next week seems like a super short week.
10. And...the week after Labor Day, I am on VACATION. I'll admit it, I kind of feel like I am already in vacation mode. I am so ready to have a whole week off. I am not going anywhere special really....getting stuff done around the apartment, taking little day trips. I like to have one week of my vacation be where I don't go anywhere...because when you go away, you end up coming back to work more tired than when you left.
11. The radio is now playing Green Day. I love Green Day. This makes me happy.
12. I paid bills this morning. I know I have mentioned this before...and people think I am weird or deranged or what not, but I get such happiness of logging on and paying all my bills. It's a control issue...but well, I guess it's better than those people who are so afraid of bills and getting late notices all the time. I woke up this morning...and before I even thought about getting dressed or breakfast, I booted up the computer (the old one)...and paid all the bills coming up in the next two weeks. Rock on!
13. Just in case you didn't know, I got a new computer...and it brings me happiness and joy.

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