Tuesday, August 28, 2007

almost in my hot little hands!

So...my dad called me at work today and told me that when he got home from work, he had a message that someone tried to deliver something. And that something...was my computer. No one was home, so they didn't leave it...but they are going to try again tomorrow. Luckily, my dad will be able to be there...so he can get it from them. whoo hoo! I knew there was a good reason why I had it sent to my daddy's house.

So, if all goes well...I should have my computer in my hot little hands tomorrow. Which, all in all...is pretty awesome because the Dell website said it wasn't expected to ship until the 2nd week in September. It's not even Sept 1st yet...and they tried to deliver it already.

So, if Dell ever asks you if you want to pay more for express shipping...say no...cause you will get it around the same time anyways.

Yippeee!!!! Can you tell I am excited???