Thursday, March 29, 2007

I can find anything on the net...

I am completely in love with the, seriously! I can't even imagine what life was like before the net. You know, when you had to look everything up in the phone book....or having to call and ask friends for referrals, etc.

I have often said that you can find ANYTHING on the internet by doing just a quick search in places like google or yahoo or even dogpile, etc. I have a friend at work who bellows everytime she can't find something and within minutes I have the info she is looking for from the internet. It's almost like the internet is magic.

Here is a great example...we wanted to go out for Mexican food for my roommate's birthday. There is a local mexican restaurant in town, but it is pretty new. I knew it wouldn't be in the phone book yet. So, I did a quick local search on the internet and by entering in the restuarant's name and the town it is located in, I was able to find the phone number for the problem. If we didn't have the internet, we would have had no choice but to drive out to the place to make a reservation because their number wasn't in the phone book yet. And by the way...the food was mmm, mmm...good!

Search engines and the internet basically make the world go round!

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