Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #24

Thirteen Things Shelley Has In Her Bag/Makeshift Purse

I am a complete pack rat, so I thought this would be a good TT...the stuff in my purse (it's not really a's a bag, a big clunky bag). Sometimes I feel like Alley Sheedy in the Breakfast Club with all the stuff in my bag.

1. A Hannaford Bag with my lunch in it (frozen dinner, orange, yogurt, a protein shake, etc).
2. A bottle of water...actually I have two in there.
3. The bill for my dentist...I need to remind myself to send it to Aflac.
4. My checkbook...for which I paid bills with this morning (Yeah! I got paid!)
5. A scarf...I love this scarf, it's warm and not too itchy.
6. A pair of keep my little digits warm.
7. A small bottle of Grapefruit Boby Splash from Bath and Body good!
8. A pair of sunglasses.
9. A folder from a time management seminar I went to.
10. A reminder for the Diabetes SEPTEMBER!
11. A bottle of Excedrin Migraine...just in case.
12. Some of my business cards.
13. And another orange...couldn't tell ya.

Can you tell that I might not be the most organized person on the planet????

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