Monday, March 19, 2007

I just a call from my mom...well, she actually called last night, but I didn't hear the phone, etc. (that is one downside of a cell could be home and not near the phone and therefore miss the call). mom called this morning to tell me that my brother's wife and their son got into a car accident last night. Both of them are OK...but the car flipped over three times as a result of the accident. Some guy pulled out right in front of them and cause the accident. My nephew is fine...the car seat did him A LOT of good...I can't imagine how scary that must be though. My sister-in-law was brought to the ER...and she has some stitched and it shaken up, but other than that...she is okay. Of course...the guy who hit them doesn't have insurance, so they are without a car and not much they can do about it. Grrr. You know I think there should be something more legally you can do to a person when they get into an accident and don't have insurance. I have insurance on my car...not because I like throwing money out the window and hoping that I never need it, but because it is required by law. It just sucks that someone else's lack of responsibility is going to negatively effect someone else...and unless he pays or they take him to small claims court (which takes a while)...there isn't much they can do about it.

Grrr...sometimes people just suck. I am glad that everyone is okay though...phew. I am kind of glad that I missed the call last night because we didn't know everything was alright until this morning...and if I got that info last night, I probably wouldn't have slept for the entire evening.

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