Monday, March 19, 2007

Unsigned Talent, just a click away...

I am a huge music fan...always have been. When I used to live in Bloomington, I would often go to the local clubs/bars on Friday and Saturday night and listen to the local bands. Most of those bands were unsigned and just played their hearts out. For the regular joe, it's often really hard to get signed and then even if you are signed, to get people to actually hear your music. I came across this site which has a whole bunch of unsigned artists. You can search for those rare gems on this site and maybe find a rockin' band. For example, if you like Reggae...there is a whole section on Reggae Artists. I happen to be a huge fan of rock bands, so I immediately headed over to the Rock section.

It's pretty can listen some of their music, etc. I did a quick search for bands in Indiana and found a couple of those bar bands I was talking about. Cool, eh? If you know anyone out there who has a band and they aren't signed by a label, I would definitely get them to sign up.

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