Friday, March 09, 2007

Wanna know why I HATE American Idol?

I'm still gonna watch it, but seriously...I hate the damn show.

I hate AI...because it isn't a singing's just a cruel popularity contest. It's the same reason why I hate Survivor, Big Brother and other shows like that.

For years I haven't watched AI because I couldn't stand seeing talented people go home each week while people who don't deserve to be there get to stay. Last year the show won my heart with the talents of people like Daughtry and Taylor...but still...the show sucks just sucks.

It reminds me of those class officer elections when we were in school. When some geeky or dorky kid...with some insane math skills...was running for treasurer, but when the votes were all counted some popular schmuck with a failing grade in math won. That's like what American Idol is for me....

Why did Sundance go home?? Can people really think that Sanjaya should still be there?? Please...the most talented person did not get to stay. It's no one else's fault but America's...since people don't vote for the person who does the best job...they vote for the person they like the most(and let's be clear...I don't vote at all).


P.S. I still love ya Daughtry!

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