Tuesday, September 14, 2004

TV Tuesday Week 23

Hey there...it's time for TV Tuesday again!

Week 23 - Judge shows

Court shows have been around a long, long time. From Judge Wapner and his bailiff Rusty to a tough little lady named Judge Judy there's been a lot of different faces and a lot of cases decided in under 30 minutes.

You're the jury this week, it's your job to see all the evidence and render a verdict!

Judge shows, what do you think?

1. Do you have a favorite judge? Least favorite?
I unfortunately have seen A LOT of these judge shows...from Judge Joe Brown...to Judge Judy...to the People's Court....to Judge Mills Lane...etc. My mom just loves the judge shows, so I have seen my fair share of them...and I will admit, from time to time they are even mildly entertaining.

My favorite judge would be Judge Milian from the People's Court. I like her...she is spunky and she doesn't talk down to people. She is probably the most enjoyable tv judge to watch...and I have seen bunches of them. She really listens to the people...even when their claims are completely ridiculous and also lets people know when they are wasting her time. I always loved watching the old People's Court when I was a kid...and I think Milian is just as entertaining.

My least favorite judge would be without a doubt Judge Judy. I know she was made famous by that sharp attitude, but it just doesn't work with me. She quickly judges the people in front of her...and not in the way she is supposed to. If someone is not married, but living with their partner...she quickly berates them. If someone dares to have a child out of wedlock...she has even gone as far to call those children mistakes. I think that Judge Judy doesn't judge based on the law...and she often makes some really damning assumptions about the people in front of her.

2. If you were given the chance would you settle a court case on a judge show?
It depends on the case...since if it was something completely embarassing...then, no. I am amazing at what people bring into a court room that they KNOW is going to be on TV. But if it was not something that would shame me to the core...then sure. One, they pay you...and two, I think it would be an interesting experience.

3. What's the silliest case you've ever seen on a judge show?
Well, since I have seen my share of judge shows...it would be hard to say. There are some people who are just psychotic and delusional...and you wonder how they function in the real world. But let's see...I guess I will pick a case from yesterday's People's Court. It was this owner of a local restaurant...who was suing one of his waitresses because she never charged the customers for their drinks...she only charged them for their meals. He went back through all her bills and found that 180 times she did not charge for drinks, so he was suing her for like 300 bucks or so. It probably isn't the most outrageous....but jesus man...find something better to do with your time. The guy lost...and Milian told him what an idiot he was suing a college kid for not charging for sodas. I just found it so comical....

~Bonus~ Imagine it, you've got your own show and now you're a judge, what would your show be like?
Hmm...interesting question. I would have a hard time being a TV judge...I guess being a social worker, I see enough of what goes on inside real courtrooms...what important and heartbreaking work is done there. Judge shows are entertaining...but that is it, they aren't real. They aren't something that is significantly going to change anyone's life....so, I guess that is my answer. No TV Judge show for Shelley.