Monday, September 06, 2004

tennish shmennish....

I spent a lot of my day today watching tennis on TV...not being productive outside and actually playing tennis, but watching it.

Tennis is one of my favorite sports...I wish I could play it better than I can.

I watched Andre Agassi play...who is by far my favorite tennis player ever. He has the skills and is just an all around nice guy. Plus, he is the oldest player on the circuit and is still a force to be reckoned with. I hope he can win it all...but he has a tough match ahead of him with Federer, the #1 seed. Good luck Andre!

Then, I watched Lindsay Davenport play against Venus Williams. I love Lindsay too...she is a great player and just sweet as can be. And, I will admit...I do not like Venus. I think that she is chuck full of attitude and often is a poor sport. So, I was really rooting for Lindsay. And I am happy to say...she won in two sets. She had been playing so well this summer, so I am hoping she can win it all.

Me likes my tennis...and I hope the rain coming from that pesky hurricane Frances doesn't completely rain out the second week of the US Open.

Go Andre!
Go Lindsay!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day...