Friday, September 10, 2004

Must See TV

I have always been a fan of Thursday night TV on NBC. I will pretty much watch anything in between Friends and ER. Loved Friends. Love Will & Grace. Loved Scrubs when it was on Thursday nights. I even admit to quite liking The Apprentice. And, I love to top off the evening with ER.

So, like many others...I was sad to see Friends go, even though it was probably the time. I wondered if Thursday would still be Must See TV for me...and I wondered if Joey would be something I loved just as I loved Friends or if I would be disappointed in it.

Joey premiered last night. I had high hopes...and overall, I think it is funny, but right now it is not up to Friends standards. Joey was always one of my favorite characters, so I am open and willing to seeing a show all about Joey and his quirky family.

Things I like about the show:
  • Joey is still the same Joey. His idiotic comments are just as funny...and his obsession with food is always classic.

  • I thought the nephew was cute and should be a nice addition to the story.

  • The idea of Joey passing on 'Nurses' I think is hilarious...since Joey always seems to make the worst choice ever for his career. I do have to wonder how Joey is going to pay the rent...since when he was a struggling actor in NY, he always had Chandler to be his sugar daddy!

  • I loved that they made light references to Friends...and talked about how Joey's life is now different, etc. Every once in a while they allow Joey to not be an idiot...and to say something really poignant.

  • Things I am not so sure about the show:
  • I thought the laugh track was a little too over the top. I felt like they were pushing the audience to laugh at something and it felt really disingenuous. I always tend to notice laugh tracks, but this one just seemed really loud.

  • I am not sure how I feel about Joey's sister right now. Now, she just seems like a walking boob job joke. I hope they break out her character a little more, but right now I am much more interested in the son than the sister right now.

  • I don't like Joey's agent either...not a fan of the actress, never have been...and I much preferred the comic style of his NY agent.

    Overall, I am giving the show a chance. I can also remember not loving Friends in the first few episodes,, I am giving Joey some time to grow. I think it is a really interesting idea and hope that people don't have super high Friends expectations when watching. Just...fix that laugh track...cause when you hear a roaring laugh track and you aren't's noticeable.

    How You Doin??? *giggles* So far...I am liking's still must see tv for me!