Thursday, September 09, 2004

Theater Thursday Week 17

So, here it is kids...Theater Thursday. This is my first stab at, let's see how it goes!

Week 17 - And Now For Something Completely Different

We're going to take a different tack at Theatre Thursday this week.

You've just been hired to write, cast, direct and produce your own movie. You've been given $75 million to hire a cast and crew, and 90 days to shoot. The film is scheduled to open a year and 1/2 from today.

1) What is the name of your movie?

The title of my movie would be 30 Days of Love

2) Who are the stars you hire?
Oooh...well, that's a tough one. Let's see...doesn't everyone who writes, produces and directs their own movie do it so that they can star in it themselves? At least that is what I learned from movies like Good Will Hunting and Garden State. So, I think the movie should star the one who gets to have her 30 days of love! And who should the rest of the cast be? Well, I would love to tap into the View Askew know the likes of Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, etc... And I have some other people who I absolutely adore their talent and would like to find a place for them in the film. People like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ally Sheedy, Martha Plimpton, Ron Livingston and of course Edward Norton.

Affleck would be my dreamy love interest...and the rest of the View Askew kids (Smitty and Lee)would be his wise ass friends. Hoffman and Martha would be my characters friends...who often have a callous and city outlook on life....not really the touchy feely types. Ally would be the wise and often too honest older sister of mine. And finally, Livingston and Norton would be a former loves of my character.

Pretty much the idea of creating my own Kevin Smith something I am going for here. Plus, putting Kevin in the film...i'd get all his creative advice, etc.

3) What is the general plot/style/theme of your dream movie?
The plot is that the main know, the one I would play...she has been reckless and careless with love in the past. She's been the love 'em and leave 'em type to such a degree...that in some cosmic way, there is now a curse on her. Now, she can be carelessly in love as long as she wants, but once whoever she is dating says those magic words, "I love you" then she only has 30 more days with him before that love turns sour. On the 31st day, that guy will wake up and not only fall out of love, but that love will turn to disdain and even hate. So, the main character...falls for that one great guy, you know Mr. Affleck, and has to try everything she can to get him to NOT say those three little words...and once he does, she is running against the clock....trying everything she can to break this curse before it is too late.

I know, it is classic romantic comedy blah...but I just love the idea of it. Maybe I have seen too many people who just abuse love and throw it away...only to learn years later that they sacrificed love way too much.

Feel free to dream - what movie would you, Gentle Reader, like to make yourself with all those resources? It can be autobiographical, historical, or completely fictional. Be careful and don't go overbudget (Getting Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, and Robin Williams all in the same film won't leave you enough money to actually shoot, nor will on-location filming on Mars likely leave anything for actors).

BONUS) What's one obstacle you see that could prevent you from achieving this dream movie?

Let's just say that the whole idea of it all would be an obstacle and leave it at that. But really...the biggest obstacle would be the cast. I think it is a little huge, but no one is a huge name. And...if you get Kevin on board, then you can pretty much get any of the View Askew kids for a bargain. I just plan on leaning on Smitty's guidance, wisdom and his connections in the business to get this film done! And that solves huge obstacle number two...that I have no idea how to direct or how to put an idea into a, I am hoping to get Smitty to help with fact, I would love to give the directing job over to Kevin, etc...

Now..everyone's Thursday, so make with the Theater and answer these questions!