Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11 memories....

So, it's been exactly 3 years since Sept 11th, 2001. I imagine much like my parents' generation...where they all remember where they were on the day, the moment that JFK died...what they were doing...I'll always spend at least a moment of any Sept 11th remembering where I was when I heard about the two towers...

I remember being in the car on the way into class and hearing it all on the radio. I remember being shocked that by the time between parking the car and getting onto campus...that the Pentagon was hit. I can remember wondering what would be next...and just completely out of sorts. I can remember having the images of 9/11 all over the TV for what seemed like months...and just never wanting to see those images again.

It at times seems like yesterday and at times seems like it has been decades. The world seems so different now...

But what is interesting...when I am flipping around the channels this afternoon...I am mad at all the TV coverage in remembrance of Sept 11th. At first I didn't know why...and I still am not sure why I have such disdain about the coverage. In some ways, it just doesn't seem genuine to me. I am angry at all the special days that are happening around...which never happened before...and it just seems to be trying to take advantage of 9/11 happening on a Saturday.

I do think it is important that we celebrate and we remember the happiness that resides in this nation of ours...but I get really sensitive when I think that people are trying to use the pain and tragedy of 9/11 for another purpose.

I believe we should all remember that day...and hope to never have to relive it. And...I have already seen another replay of the twin towers burning this morning...and that is not the way I want to remember.

I hope people are finding this day well...and looking forward to tomorrow,