Friday, August 27, 2004

restless nights...

I have bouts with insomnia from time to usually means I am stressing about something.

Well, I had one last night. I got tired about 11:30pm...but once I lied down to go to sleep, I could not fall asleep. At about 12:30ish...I clicked the TV back on and watched for a little bit...then I tried to sleep...then I watched more TV...then tried to sleep... You get the picture!

So, 3am rolls around and I am still awake...and not happy about...knowing that my alarm is going to go off at 6:30am and that I am supposed to be working out at 8am.

I finally did get to sleep...don't ask me what time. And...when my alarm went off, I considered skipping my class, but instead...I got up, had my breakfast and went to the class. I was tired, but glad I went.

I think the no sleep is due to some anxiety about still not having a job. I think that I thought I would have one by now. I have made it to the second and final rounds a few times over...but never had the position offered to me. I know that two months isn't a long time...especially when money isn't an issue, but I can is still getting under my skin.

I am sending out a few more resumes and have a few resumes currently out there. So, I am going to just have to relax and give myself a break. I know I am a good employee...and that sooner or later, I will find an employer who values that. But...I wish it would be sooner or later.