Wednesday, September 01, 2004

another promising bit of hope....

So, I sent out three resumes on Monday...and so far have gotten a call back for 2 out of 3 of them. I have an interview next Tuesday for a job....that in all honesty, pays HORRIBLY...but I know I would really enjoy and that I am really qualified for...if not uber-over qualified for.

It's doing homeless street outreach again...and if anyone knew me then, I LOVED that job. I got paid horribly then too...but it didn't seem to matter. And...if I need to, I can live with my parents for a while longer and not have to worry about the shabby salary.

So, we'll see...but I am definitely not feeling as hopeless.

And...I am quite psyched about hearing from two places so soon.

Who knows what this will bring....only time will tell.

Last week...when I was having the restless nights and all...I was starting to re-think my idea to leave my job. I was starting to think it was a huge mistake. I was starting to think that maybe I should have stayed in the job I had there. least I would have a nice salary at a job that I don't exactly enjoy. Maybe I should have stuck it out until I found another job offer....and that just leaving might have been hash and something I was going to regret. was nervousness...and even if I NEVER get a job...I know I did the right thing. I left a job that I wasn't appreciated at...and that I wasn't able to be a social worker. It's something that no matter what the salary was...wasn't worth it.

I will find my way back...and in good time.