Friday, September 17, 2004

Donald Trump is not my reality!!!

Yep, that's right...I watch The Apprentice. It's true...and I will even admit to enjoying it. I got sucked in last year when the put the show on Thursday nights and I will pretty much watch anything between Friends and ER...well, now Joey and ER.

But, I often think Trump makes some really rank decisions. I have said before that if I was ever a contestant on The Apprentice, I would probably be fired almost immediately. Not because I would deserve it, but because it seems like The Don and I have a different way of doing business...and different values as to what constitutes good work. Obviously...his way is much more lucrative and successful, but in the end...I would still prefer to do it my way.

Well, Donald fired Bradford last night for what he considered a HUGE mistake.

So, what did Bradford do?? Well...let me explain the rules a little bit. If a team wins in the previous week, that team leader is exempt from being fired if they happen to find themselves in the boardroom the following week. Bradford's team won last week and Bradford was the team when they lost this week and he went to the boardroom, he was exempt and couldn't be sent home. Well..until he told Trump that he was proud of his work and his contribution and he would be willing to give up his exempt status.

Well, stupid Ivana brought him into the boardroom....and Trump decided to fire him.

WHY? Grrr.... Well, Trump said that Bradford made the hugest mistake possible by allowing himself to be fired when he had immunity. He said that if he was leading a would be a decision that would crumble it.

Ugh...I couldn't disagree more. What Bradford did...was make himself a true leader and more importantly, a team player. Bradford was showing his team and Trump that he wasn't going to hide behind a loophole to stay in the game...and that he was proud enough of his contribution and his work to be on an even playing field with the rest of his team. Bradford was showing a real sign of strength...and belief in himself and his talents. You would think that would be something that Trump would champion, instead of sending him home because he pissed him off by not taking his "Get Out of Jail Free" card.

I would have done the same thing Bradford did...I would have stood strong with my team in defeat, just as I stood strong with them in victory.