Sunday, July 05, 2009

Why can't every weekend be a LONG one?

Hey all out there on the interwebs. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. I was lucky enough to get Friday off, it has been a really nice 3 day weekend.

What did all y'all do for the 4th?

Did I see fireworks? Nope. Didn't. I like fireworks, I do....but I kind of don't like the whole process of fireworks. Huh? Wha? Fireworks are pretty and all that...but having to get there a couple of hours early so you can get a good parking spot and then a good seat. And then sitting there and killing time for a LONG time to see fireworks that last for 15-20 if that...and then getting back to your car and being in gridlock traffic FOREVER. So..sometimes I go and more often I skip it.

I had a nice weekend though. I am kind of a home body....not on purpose. I love spending time with people and hanging out, but I am often not all that good at it. I just suck at making plans and what not.

On Friday, I went shopping for most of the morning and afternoon. I went to Target and Payless and Wal-Mart and then went to one of the local shops downtown. As we all know, I am cheapest woman alive...but I was in desperate need of some shopping. I got a couple shirts, a bathing suit (luckily it was a "thin" day, so I didn't wanna kill myself when trying it on)...and a pair of comfy, but can be work appropriate shoes.

Then, I went to the movies with my former roomie. She's a doll...and sadly, we don't get to hang out as much as I would like. We have different shifts...and life just sometimes gets in the way. It was really nice hanging out with her...even if most of it was just spent sitting next to one another looking at a screen. We went to see The Proposal. It is a cute, predictable romantic comedy...and of course, I enjoyed it.

Saturday...I got up early...went to the Farmer's Market. And then I went to our local amusement park with my friend and her boyfriend. The best thing about having a rinky dinky amusement park in my hometown is that you can just go for a few hours and be done with it. We didn't feel the need to spend the WHOLE day there and just leave exhausted. It was a really good time. They have a new ride...that is one of those drop rides. One side lifts you up...and the other side of the ride drops you from the top. It's awesome. I could ride that one all day long. It was a little too cold to spend any time in the water park, but I'm not complaining.

Then, we went to see The Hangover. Umm...BEST. MOVIE. EVER. Seriously. Never laughed so hard in my life. I had heard it was funny. And it was and then some. I highly...HIGHLY...recommend it. If you don't like this movie...then I think it is official, we can no longer be friends. up early...went to church. I signed up for a early morning Bible study before church. It's based on the book, "Really Bad Girls of The Bible." I did a similar bible study last summer and really enjoyed it. We read a new story each week...and have a discussion on it. We got into a really interesting discussion this morning about mediums and psychics and if they were doing God's work or not.

Then church...and went to visit my mom's grave marker for a little bit. I don't go as often as I should...and it's always a nice, peaceful visit when I do.

The rest of my Sunday....calm...and restful. I did some laundry, watched the Red Sox game and now I am watching Bridezilla and enjoying all of it's ridiculousness.

Is tomorrow Monday already???