Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Update on health/fitness and my skinny pants fitting!

Wow...I haven't updated in a week. Bad Shelley. I just don't think a lot of note worthy stuff has been going on in the world o' Shelley.

In terms of health and fitness, I am happy to report that I am about 5 pounds away from my final goal. To be honest, if I never lost another pound again....I'd be perfectly content...however, I still want to make it to my goal and then this time MAINTAIN. I worried that once I got back from Washington DC and my cousin's wedding...that my motivation (mainly to look as good as possible in a dress) would be gone and I might find myself returning to old, bad habits. Luckily, that was not the case. The wedding was at the end of April...and since then, I've just kept on trekking. I've been happy that things that would be set backs in other attempts...I found ways of working around them this time. My elliptical broke...which is my main and favorite form of exercise. Instead of letting that stop my exercise routine, I started going to the gym and exercising on their sweet elliptical machine.

I also had some opportunities where bad, evil eating really could have happened. I had a nice dinner out...where I could have easily gone off plan. I've had numerous instances at work where someone brought in yummy bagels or homemade cake...or other things that are there just to tempt and torture me. I've resisted...and been rewarded for it.

So, I am venturing into that maintaining time again. Just read back...I don't know how many months ago...the last time I started maintaining...it scares the crap out of me. I just don't feel like I have a good grasp on how to actually do it. Losing weight...good grasp on that...good at that. Gaining weight...good grasp on that...sadly good at that as well.

I do though...think I am the most hopeful I've been in a long time about maintaining my weight loss this time around. Why? Well...one, I didn't completely slide of the mountain this time when I gained some weight. I gained 15 or 20 pounds...and then put the brakes on. Every other time I've gained weight, I've ALWAYS...put all the weight and a few of its friends back on. I'd end up back at the starting line...having to do it all over again. I was able to get my head back in gear...and turn things around before all that good hard work had been undone.

Two...I am hopeful because I have been losing weight the slow and steady way this time. I am still pretty regimented and controlled when it comes to losing weight. I am a rules person. If there is a rule, I follow it. So, I am not someone who usually deviates from whatever plan I am on. However, the way I was losing weight was much less severe than what I did a year or so ago. I have been eating a wide variety of foods...not like before. I think that is very good for me. I still don't regret the way I lost weight last time, but this time around...I knew I needed something that mirrored the real world a little bit more.

So, as I near the dreaded maintenance land again...I feel more prepared. One, I probably still have a month or so left before I am officially there(I've been losing a pound and change each week, so 5 lbs will probably take a month). I plan on putting structure and rules into maintenance. I plan on continuing my exercise routine. I plan on continuing to journal what I eat. I plan on continuing to steer away from my problem foods (i.e. pizza). I plan on giving myself a weight range...and not freaking out if I am a pound above or below the exact goal number, but knowing I need to do something if my weight strays outside that range.

Anyone else out there had any success strategies they want to share with me about losing weight and then maintaining it? I'll take all the advice I can get...because in reality, it's all trial and error...and with each attempt, I learn more about what works and what does not work for me.