Monday, June 22, 2009

A Belated "I Love My Daddy" Post

Ah, a week where I get to sit at my desk....and not on the go in training. Let me tell you, if nothing makes me appreciate my usual work responsibilities and schedule.

I blogged yesterday with an update on the time in Vermont, but what I didn't do is say anything about Father's Day, which is unfortunate. So, I am going to take the opportunity to do that now.

My dad is seriously one of the most amazing human beings on the planet. He's been one of the most supportive people in my life. He has always assumed the best of me...and helped and encouraged me on any goal I have wanted in life. He would do anything for me...and I mean anything. I could call him from halfway around the world and if I needed it, he would drop everything he was doing and come and help me out. He's one of the most dependable and solid people out there...and one of the most caring and supportive.

Growing up. I thought that was normal. I thought everybody had that...ok, not everybody, but I thought it was more normal than not. I can remember vivid as anything...something in college that made me realize that maybe my dad was much more special and rare than I thought. My friends and I would do something with our full length share who we loved and people we were frustrated at. It was basically a love/hate board. We'd right the people we loved up on red...and write the people we loved or were frustrated with on the bottom in black. It was kind of our way of venting. If a professor was being a royal prat...on the black list. If a friend went out of their way for us...on the red list. One day, I realized that my dad was on the red list...and throughout the year, I think everyone we lived with had their dad on the black list at one time or another.

My dad is still and will always be on the red list....very much loved and appreciated. A belated, but heartfelt Happy Father's Day to him (it wasn't belated in person...just on the interwebs).

Love ya Dad!