Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hey Rain! How about you move along, mkay?

Seriously. I know people say...oh, rain is good for us. We need it.

Umm. No. Here is the weather report courtesy of for the next 10 days:

Today: Rain/Thunderstorms.

Friday: Scattered Thunderstorms.

Saturday: Showers.

Sunday: Partly Cloudy.

Monday: Partly Cloudy.

Tuesday: Scattered Thunderstorms.

Wednesday: Showers.

Thursday: Thunderstorms.

Friday: Sunny.

It took until next Friday, July 10th to get a weather report that included the word SUNNY.

Rain. You can bite me. Why don't you head on off and visit someone else. I am sure there is some area of the country which is in a dangerous drought like situation. I am sure they are praying for you to come and visit. Head on over. We won't mind one bit.

Rain, rain...go away. No need to come back another day.