Thursday, July 23, 2009

Observations on the drive home.

Hey all y'all on the internets. This week has been carzy crazy this week. The last 2 has been all kinds of hectic, but tomorrow is Friday, yes?

I gotta share this though because it just makes me chuckle. Two things actually.

I was at work late last night...driving home a little before 7pm. As I come up to the stop light outside my work building...I see one of those big motorized golf carts coming down the sidewalk. the front seat...and old guy and his bulldog sitting right next to him in the passenger seat. Oh my was adorable. If I could have gotten my cell phone out in time, I would have taken a pic of the two. As he carted by me...he smiled and waved as it was obvious I was amused by him and his adorable dog.

Then. As I am driving home, I see a guy riding his bike on the side of the road. On the handlebars....he is holding onto a big clunkin' old tv. And then he had a bag hanging over the handlebars. What was in there you ask? A Ouija board. Yes, a OUIJA board. Everything in me wanted to pull over...and just ask the guy on the bike what the story is behind transporting a clunky tv and a ouija board on his bike. Curious minds want to know.

Only here. Only here.