Sunday, March 29, 2009

Watched some movies this weekend....

I don't often go to the movie theatres...mainly because I am cheap. I wait for movies to come out on DVD and watch them then.

However, I have gone more often lately. I went to see He's Just Not That Into You a few weeks to a month ago. It was good..even though it reminded me why dating sometimes sucks more than life. lol

On Friday night, I went to go see I Love You, Man. It was funny and super cute. You basically know how it is going to start before it begins, but that's ok. I adored it. Parts were out of control funny. It stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Paul Rudd's character is getting married and realized that other than his fiancee, he doesn't have any he goes out in search of a best man. He finds Segel..and lots of funny happens after that. Rudd and Segel have a great comic timing and chemistry. They had a few small scenes together in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and they were just hilarious. If you are heading out and want to see a funny flik...I'd highly recommend it.

I also watched some movies on DVD. I watched Disney's Bolt...which was cute for a kid's movie. Of course, one of the voices was Miley Cyrus who I can't stand...and John Travolta who's I like other than his obsession with his crazy religion. I think I got most excited when the voice of one of the pigeons was Nick Swardson, who is one of my favorite comedians.

I also watched Twilight. It's that new teeny bopper vampire movie. I was just interested if it was any good. I didn't have incredibly high expectations. It's basically this generation's Lost Boys. I saw was alright, but Lost Boys definitely kicks that movie's ass. First of all, the vampires don't get killed by the light...their skin just changes and gets all sparkly. So, the whole idea that you are safe until after night goes out the window. And two, that a whole town had no idea about a family of the walking undead. Not buying it...but it's a movie so I am going to forgive it. The one thing that amused me and made me the main vampire...describing himself as a vegetarian because they drink blood, but not from humans. It made me chuckle.

So, did I do anything else other than watching movies?? Sure. I worked out a few times...spent some time outside since it was beautiful. Did a bunch of laundry. Watched some crap tv. Went to church. Yadda yadda yadda.