Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's almost SPRINGTIME!

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Tomorrow is the first official day of Spring. Thank freakin' god. It could not come soon enough. I am usually a fan of the winter and the snow and even the cold. I love wearing sweaters and I might even love being slightly chilly when I go to sleep at night.

However, this winter has been longer than long. It seemed to start so early...and never give up. It snowed every 2.2 seconds and if it wasn't was sleet or freezing rain.

Not that I am complaining...just looking forward to spring being right around the corner. I'm looking forward to that crisp, fresh smell in the air...looking forward to birds chirping and waking me up in the morning...looking forward to the snow melting and being able to see the grass (dead grass that it is) on my front lawn.