Sunday, March 22, 2009

busy-ish weekend...

It's Sunday right?? It doesn't feel like one.

My Saturday was all over the place busy. I had to work this Saturday morning/afternoon. About once a month or so, I teach an alcohol and drug education class for young people. Mainly it is for teenagers who got caught at an underage drinking parties or with some pot, etc. Of course, most times the teens at the class think it is ridiculous that they have to be there, etc. This Saturday's class was chuck full of punks. No wait, I take that back...about 3 out of 15 were punks. I guess it is true that a few bad apples can ruin the bunch. Most of least listened and discussed the topics. Those 3...we'll see them again in one sense or another.

I got outta work...jetted home and got a quick workout in. I was tempted to skip it, but I am glad I didn't. It's amazing how different I feel about myself and how I look when I workout. A couple of months ago, I was feeling huge, fat, get the picture. Now, I feel comfortable and confident in my skin. What's interesting is that I am heavier than I was a couple of months ago. But...unlike before when I was in the process of having my weight creep on, I am in the process of my weight creeping on down. I think I am just happy about being healthy...and that shows. Alright, enough of the Stuart Smalley moments....moving on.

And the rest of my busy Saturday. I was involved in an event/fundraiser at my church. It was a Murder Mystery night with a Maui theme. I was one of the characters in the mystery. My character was Leilani, the local luau dancer in town. It was a BLAST! I am so happy I was asked to be a part of it...and said yes. Was I the murderer??? Of course not...I don't have that kind of evil in me, or do I??? It was great...and reminded me of my high school and to some extent, college days...when I had more of a flair for the dramatic than I often do now. We plan on having another one next year...and I am looking forward to being a part of it.

The event did make me miss my mom something fierce though. Church was always something that mom and I did together. It was our thing. I still sit in the same row and seats that my mom and I sat in...when I go to church. I thought numerous times during the murder much my mom would have really enjoyed going to that event. She would have laughed and smiled through the whole thing. Plus, I know she would have been proud of me for participating. So, it was a happy memory of my mom...and how much she enjoyed things in life, but also reminded me just how much I miss her in the day to day.

Luckily...Sunday has been a more low key day. I got up, went to church...did some grocery shopping with dear ol' dad and now hunkering in for some crap tv, laundry and getting some much needed chores done.